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Professional Jewelers Academy and Studio

Professional Jewelers Academy and Studio
Street or Route Name (put street or route number in box above): 197 Rockland Street, Hanover 2339, Massachusetts
  • Jewelry Subjects Taught:
  • Repair: Jewelry, 
  • Setting, 
  • Soldering and Fusing, 
  • Trade Practices, 
  • Casting, 
  • Fabrication, 
  • Forging, 
  • Lapidary, 
  • Gemology, 
  • Metalsmithing, 
  • Mold Making, 
  • Polishing and Finishing
  • Program Info for Schools (degrees, certificates, pre-requisites):
  • JA Certification
  • Degrees and Certificates (for School Listings):
  • Jewelers of America Bench Certification
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About Our Instructors

Bob Manning
Modern World Master Jeweler

Bob Manning has over three decades in the jewelry industry. He attended the Jewelers Institute Of Rhode Island. Soon after he opened a small “mom and pop” jewelry repair shop. Through the years of small expansions, and four relocations, his family business developed into a high scale retail establishment. The South Shore now had its first real “Full Service” jeweler bringing forth the technical and cutting edge aspects of the craft.

Bob grew tremendously as a jeweler within this part of his career. He was located at the Derby Street Shopping Center in Hingham, Massachusetts. This operation comprised of retail sales, hand crafted and designed custom pieces, intricate jewelry repairs, as well as custom designed collections – The Townie Collection, as well as the Spiritual Cross.

Bob’s knowledge is unsurpassed in several aspects of the jewelry industry. His skills include Lapidary faceting, CAD design, Diamond Setting, Lost Wax casting, Torch Welding and Laser Welding. His work is well known in the New England area where his stores were located for 27 years.

Oscar Margaca
European World Craftsmanship

Oscar Margaca has more than 40 years of experience in the jewelry business. Always working with his hands while growing up in Portugal, he moved to the US when he was 12. Through the years he has implemented and mastered a hands-on approach in all aspects of creating jewelry. His diversified skill set is recognized by his peers and throughout the Greater Boston and South Shore areas.

His abilities include; Lost Wax casting, Torch Welding, Stone Setting, Rolling Mill Manufacturing, Custom Creations, and Ornate Hand Frame/Wiring of loose gems and all forms of jewelry artifacts (i.e; Sea Glass, Coins, Shells, etc.) His precision and techniques are unique with the field. This gift gives him the ability to recreate by hand, what would normally require machine manufacturing to obtain the same exact results.

Today, Oscar is considered one of the South Shore’s most talented artisans of fine jewelry.

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