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Vancouver Community College, Jewellery Art & Design

Vancouver Community College's unique two-year diploma program offers hands-on technical, design, and career training for students aiming to enter the jewellery profession.
Vancouver Community College, Jewellery Art & Design
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Jewellery Art & Design
Karin Jones (+)
Street or Route Name (put street or route number in box above): 250 West Pender Street, Vancouver V6B 1S9, British Columbia, Greater Vancouver, Canada Establishment year: 1988
Type: School
Establishment year: 1988
Employees: 10
  • Jewelry Subjects Taught:
  • Hand Engraving, 
  • Jewelry Business, 
  • Metalsmithing, 
  • Mold Making, 
  • Patterning and Carving, 
  • Polishing and Finishing, 
  • Rendering, 
  • Repair: Jewelry, 
  • Setting, 
  • Soldering and Fusing, 
  • Trade Practices, 
  • Wax Modeling, 
  • Other, 
  • Enameling, 
  • General Jewelry Making Instruction, 
  • Anticlastic Raising, 
  • CAD, 
  • Casting, 
  • Diamond Grading, 
  • Chasing & Repousse, 
  • Design, 
  • Fabrication, 
  • Forging, 
  • Lapidary, 
  • Gemology, 
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Program Info for Schools (degrees, certificates, pre-requisites):
  • Our diploma is transferable to NSCAD University BFA Jewellery program, Halifax, Canada (2 years), and CGA Gemmology Certificate Program (1 year). Transfer agreement pending with Alberta College of Art and Design BFA Program.
  • Degrees and Certificates (for School Listings):
  • Technical Diploma
  • Program Details
  • Map
  • Gallery
  • Videos
  • Testimonials

At VCC Jewellery Art & Design we offer a balance of traditional and contemporary techniques and methods. Intensive technical training is combined with classes in Art History, Drawing and Design, Gemmology, Business Management and 3D Design Software. 

Graduates of the programs are job-ready to start careers as bench goldsmiths and studio jewelers. For graduates wishing to specialize further as stone setters, lapidary technicians, gemmologists, etc, the program offers a solid foundation from which to pursue these careers.

Canada's currency exchange rate makes our tuition very competitive for international students from the US and abroad. Please visit vcc.ca/international for details.

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