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as a baby boomer myself I'm at the other end of the spectrum
i want to become a jeweler change of career so to speak
as a hobby i am making pieces at that level
self teaching myself. i have a pretty substantial collection of stones gems mineral specimens
thats where i came from a collector and then a lapidary now with all this material id like to give my a collection a new life as jewelry .
been collecting tools now sure are a lot of tools as a person thats been in building trade my whole life i can relate but had no idea all the different tools I LOVE IT.
I would love to work in a shop even clean anything to start just to be around bench.
I really like that concept The Bench and way of working
It been something Im still not used to
right now I have a combination lapidary metalsmith shop in my basement little crowded
but I'm there every night at my bench or a reasonable facsimile there of

- Zurn

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