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101 Bench Tips for Jewelers

101 Bench Tips webMany excellent books have been written on how to make jewelry, and of course, we have our favorites. This book, by Alan Revere, is a staple in many professional jewelry shops, and relied upon by new jewelers and old pros alike. 101 Bench Tips for Jewelers will help any jeweler speed production, improve quality, and raise profits at the bench.

It covers all aspects of bench work, from soldering to stone setting, piercing to final polish. Winner, Gold Excel Award, Society of National Association Publications.

Discover how you can easily modify common bench tools to enhance productivity, and learn how household items, such as dental floss and paper clips, can become valuable bench aids.

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"'Idea Central’ is one way of describing this book. It breaks new ground in its clear, painterly renderings of the tricks, the bright intelligence that shines from every page. Alan’s writing is warm and friendly, and he sees possibilities—and solutions—everywhere." Charles Lewton-Brain, Brain Press, Calgary, Alberta, Canada