Are jobs available?

There’s a big demand today for skilled jewelers, as more people now want products that are customized for them and made in the USA. Also consider the following:

  • Millions of folks are inheriting valuable jewelry and want to repurpose it, using the metals, diamonds, and gems to make something new. Jewelry is the original recyclable product!
  • Baby Boomer bench jewelers and jewelry makers are beginning to retire—and their employers need new skilled workers.
  • Although manufacturing jobs have declined in the past 30 years, there’s been a welcome upsurge in such work recently. Why? Overseas labor, shipping, and import costs are going up. American companies are finding that some highly skilled jobs are cheaper to do in the U.S. again.

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The BEaJEWELER™ initiative is sponsored by MJSA, the trade association dedicated to professional excellence in jewelry making and design.
This initiative was originally developed in partnership with the New Approach School for Jewelers in Arrington, Tennessee

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