What's the Workplace Like?

Whether you're working in a retail store, a trade shop, or a manufacturing or design facility, most people would agree: A jeweler's workshop is a pretty great place to hang out.

  • Jewelers spend a lot of time at a workbench, using different tools. They often enlarge their work using magnifying headpieces or microscopes.
  • Computers are also becoming an increasingly important tool in the jewelry industry as computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) save time and resources.
  • Many tools and machines, such as jeweler’s torches and lasers, must be handled carefully to avoid injury. Safety practices are important when handling chemicals or using sharp or pointed tools. Safety equipment such as shoes, glasses, gloves, or hearing protection can be used.
  • Jewelers can work alone, but often have fellow workers with whom they share ideas and techniques. In retail stores, they may talk with customers about repairs or help them with custom design work, and even do some selling.
  • Jewelers must also follow strict security procedures to safeguard their highly valuable materials. In larger businesses, they may be working in the presence of security guards.
  • Jewelers work inside, usually in climate-controlled environments. You’ll be warm in cold weather, cool when it’s hot outside.

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