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Use the Video Library to Jump-Start Your Training

How Its Made Gold RingDid you know many professional jewelers are self-taught? We are big fans of formal training programs to become a jeweler, because a good program can speed you along your way and help you overcome the inevitable hurdles in learning a new skill. But if you can't afford a program yet, if you need to wait a bit longer to start a program, or if you just can wait to learn everything you can, you have options!


There is a wealth of jewelry-making video information available on the internet. If you want to know how to make a ring, melt silver, solder a jump ring, or choose the right pliers, there is a video for you. You can search for what you want to do on YouTube and watch the results pour in. Of course, not all video instruction offers what we would refer to as best practice. Most of the video we've seen is pretty good, but there are some misleading or inadvisable videos out there. So at BEaJEWELER™ we are reviewing several videos each week and sharing some of the best with you right on our website (go to this page to see our current library).

If you don't see a video for a topic that interests you in our library, use the comments below to tell us what you're looking for. We'll make that skill a priority in our next video review session!

Happy training!