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Be a Part of the BAJ
Mentorship Program

The purpose of the BEaJEWELER™ Mentorship Program is to introduce prospective and apprentice-level jewelers to a career in jewelry-making, through partnership with professional jewelers interested in passing on their skills to future generations.

The Program


The primary purpose of the BEaJEWELER™ Mentoring Program is to introduce prospective and apprentice-level jewelers to a career in jewelry-making. The jewelry industry has a centuries-old tradition of cultivating new artisans through apprenticeship, and we believe this model is the strongest still for developing the jewelers of the future.



The BEaJEWELER™ Mentorship Program is intended to produce well-rounded jewelers. We observe the levels of jeweler spelled out in the Jewelers of America Bench Professional Certification originally designed by Mark Mann. These levels are described as:


The Levels

The nature of one-on-one mentoring is that the mentor brings tremendous personal experience and opinions to the process. But we believe these general guidelines will help our mentors to develop a personal program with similar scope to the programs other mentors will also, independently, develop.


Joel McFadden

"Mentoring a jeweler is the best way I can think of to make a meaningful contribution to the future of the industry."

Owner and Designer at Joel McFadden Designs



The BEaJEWELER™ team works tirelessly online and on the phones to find new participants. We also provide you with lots of tools and suggestions to do your own recruiting!


Our online assessment helps mentors and mentees make better matches based on shared goals. A great mentoring relationship starts with putting the best people together!


Our mentorship guide provides clear objectives for the relationship. This is really important, because it ensures that mentors and mentees have clear objectives in mind.

Follow Up

The BAJ team will follow up with mentors and mentees, helping you keep your mentoring relationships flourishing and ensuring that you all feel the success of your efforts.

Become a Mentor

Using our simple online form, set up your mentor profile. Questions? Just ask! Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 877-239-8820 and one of us will help you within one hour (or on the next business day if you're doing this over night or on the weekend).

Apply Here

You will notice that this is the same form used by schools and training programs. Skip the sections that don't apply to you! Make sure you select "individual" and "mentor" when asked to select categories.