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Joel Conrad - 25k Jewelry

Joel Conrad - 25k Jewelry
Contact person: Joel Conrad (+)
Address: Cuyahoga Falls Ohio
Phone: 3034721505
Type: Individual
  • Jewelry Subjects Taught:
  • General Jewelry Making Instruction, 
  • Casting, 
  • Chasing & Repousse, 
  • Design, 
  • Fabrication, 
  • Forging, 
  • Lapidary, 
  • Gemology, 
  • Granulation, 
  • Hand Engraving, 
  • Metalsmithing, 
  • Mold Making, 
  • Patterning and Carving, 
  • Polishing and Finishing, 
  • Repair: Jewelry, 
  • Setting, 
  • Soldering and Fusing, 
  • Trade Practices, 
  • Wax Modeling, 
  • Tool & Die
  • Program Details
  • Map

I'm not sure where to begin. I think I've done just about everything in my 24-year history. 

It all started for me as a kid, struggling to figure out what to do when I grew up. I worked at a company that manufactured men's die-struck jewelry. I could only clean so many bathrooms and take out so much garbage before the master jeweler asked me if I wanted to be a jeweler.

I shrugged my shoulders and mumbled, "I don't know."

I ended up managing that facility and a few others. I've owned my own repair and manufacturing company, worked for one of the large chain stores, and I'm currently working for a very small mom and pop store. One of my responsibilities at this small store is training a very ambitious young lady who has that jewelry bug.

I guess I have a lot of info floating around in my head, and I feel I could help someone.