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Jewelry Industry Certification for High Schools

The Diamond Council of America (DCA) offers accredited courses in diamonds, colored gemstones, and fine jewelry sales for high school students. This program is perfect for incorporation in art, business, or work-based learning curriculums. The program is called the Jewelry Career Readiness Initiative (JCRI), and it is currently rolling out to high schools around the country.

DCA's program provides a full curriculum with professional-level support systems. Instructors receive an email link with DCA course instructors; administrative support by email, phone, or fax; real-time access to student records; and automated computer grading and recording.

Students not only learn about this exciting career option, but they earn a jewelry industry certification and get referrals to potential employers. 

An important part of this program is access and introductions to local DCA jewelry professionals, who provide integral guest speaking opportunities. These visits significantly enhance the program value, making it possible for students to have hands-on and eyes-on experiences with real gemstones and fine jewelry. The guest speakers are a favorite program feature for students, as professionals share their knowledge, experience, insights, and enthusiasm for their careers.