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Jennifer Dawes - Dawes Design

Jennifer Dawes - Dawes Design

"I love a lot of things, and one of them has always been metalsmithing. Ever since I first learned how to work with it, I knew that's what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I have experimented with just about every aspect of metal, from working in construction to goldsmithing, and the smaller the work got, the more intimate, refined, and rewarding it got."
Charlie Herner, Jeremy Dunn - The Rephinery

Charlie Herner, Jeremy Dunn - The Rephinery

Jewelry manufacturing is a hands-on process that holds immense appeal to us as craftsmen. The ability to develop and create new pieces each week keeps the tasks on hand feeling fresh and gives us valuable insight to the subtle nuances of the trade. Our craft grants us the personal gratification of increasing our skills and knowledge while keeping us thirsty for further discovery.
Julie Romanenko - Just Jules

Julie Romanenko - Just Jules

"I think the best part of being a bench jeweler is the ability to bring an idea to life. I feel so blessed to have found this career, where at the end of a productive day, I have something tangible to show for my efforts. It makes me feel sorry for the pencil pushers of the world!"

Gerry Lewy

Meet Gerry Lewy, accomplished diamond setter and Guinness World Record holder.

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Gerry Lewy has been setting diamonds for 54 years, a trade he learned in Toronto, Canada.  His forte is bead-setting (a.k.a. pave or bright cutting), and he has achieved his excellence by using his assortment of 'modified' gravers, two Onglette & one Flat graver.

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Gerry has spent the last two decades sharing his expertise and teaching thousands of students throughout Canada and the United States, travelling everywhere from colleges and crafts schools, to individual stores with workshops. His latest success is producing an hour-long video on "Channel Setting."  He is currently undertaking another on bead-setting.

His direct 'one-on-one' communication to the student is very important. With Gerry's proven curriculum in bead-setting, the private or small class can fully better understand all the nuances of gemstone setting. 


 In May of 2013, Gerry was awarded a Guinness World Record in creating a piece of usable jewelry.


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