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Stonesetting at the Rephinery
The Rephinery
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Are You Ready for an Amazing Career?

Do you love making and building things?

Do you want to work with your hands?

Do you like visuals more than words?

Then being a bench jeweler may be for you.

Watch the short video below, then explore this site to learn more about an exciting career as a jeweler.

Jewelers are In Demand

Skilled Jewelers needed to meet consumer demand for craftsmanship and customization.

It's a Great Way to Make a Living

Tools. Machinery. Old world combined with high tech. Art, science, and craftsmanship.

Never Be Bored at Work Again

Create new designs. Master complicated repairs. Be creative and technical every day.

Do You Have What it Takes?

Eye for detail, 3D visualization, steady hands - learn what it takes to be a jeweler.

A Tricked-Out Work Bench Awaits

Hand tools and computer aided design. Microscopes and machines. A great way to work.

So — How's the Money?

Current wages are from $17/hour - $35/hour. And high demand should lead to higher wages.

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An Initiative of the MJSA Education Foundation

The BEaJEWELER™ initiative is sponsored by MJSA, the trade association dedicated to professional excellence in jewelry making and design.
This initiative was originally developed in partnership with the New Approach School for Jewelers in Arrington, Tennessee

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