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Nothing matches jewelry.

Making friends in Ubud, Bali

Unlike many goods and services, people only buy jewelry when they want to and not because they have to. Jewelry always makes people happy. Art form. Intrinsic value. History. Affiliation. Heirlooms. Sharing love. Memories. Physics. In addition to all of the good reasons why people enjoy this field is one that has always been important to me. And that is the lineage, the history, and my personal connection, a kinship with goldsmiths and jewelers. We each use our hands on the same tools to do the same things to make jewelry around the globe for the past 7,000 years. Nothing matches jewelry. When I became a proficient goldsmith my attitude about life was altered. I had a profound feeling of belonging to an elite group of highly skilled makers of fine things and treasures. I saw the world and approached it as a goldsmith. That will never change. - Alan Revere